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Taiping’s ‘Projek Beriyani Jumaat’ is a Huge Step in the Right Direction for Malay

Taiping is perhaps one of the oldest cities in Malaysia and is packed in rich history. Taiping was among the first cities in Malaysia to house the first prison in Malaysia, the first railroads and the first government hospitals among MANY others, thus earning Taiping the nickname – The City of Many Firsts (to locals).

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The nickname seems almost too fitting as this humble city is now also one of the first cities in Malaysia to assist the homeless and needy without the aide of NGO’s, meaning that this initiative is going to be solely funded by the Taiping Municipal Council and through donations from locals.

The initiative is dubbed ‘Projek Beriani Jumaat’ and its aim is to give back to the community by feeding the homeless and the poor once a month.

According to a statement issued to Malay Mail from the Taiping Municipal Council, ‘Projek Beriani Jumaat’ is part of their community project and will begin on 26 March 2021. The first feeding will be conducted at Galeri Perbandaran Taiping at 11am.

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One of the reasons that the council selected nasi beriani with chicken to feed the needy was because of the symbolism behind it. “Besides its delicious taste, a meal of nasi beriani symbolises the privilege of celebrating Friday,” said the council.

In order to keep the project running, the council will need a total of RM500 every month.

So, if you are keen on supporting or even donating to their cause, you can always contact them at 05-808 0777 (how traditional… I love it!) and if you feel like getting even more hands on with the project then the Taiping Municipal Council welcomes that as well.


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