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Syed Saddiq Says He Will Forfeit MP Salary While Studying in Singapore

“I don’t deserve to keep my salary” says Syed Saddiq as he heads over the causeway to resume his studies at NUS Lee Juan Yew School of Public Policy on a full scholarship (wow…how prestigious).

Our former Minister of Youth & Sports initially began his Executive course in Public Police September of last year but due to the pandemic, he was forced to migrate to online learning as is with most students. However now that things have somewhat settled down a bit, he will have to continue with physical classes for a month.

Credits: Syed Saddiq (Facebook)

During his one month absence, the Syed said that he will give up his March 2021 salary to the Muar parliament in hopes that they can make better use of it. He also added that while he is away, his team will continue his efforts in Malaysia.

Alhamdulillah, laptop berjaya disampaikan kepada 6 keluarga semalam. Program 1 Laptop 1 Keluarga yang dijalankan oleh @ssparlimenMuar menyasarkan 500 penerima. Semoga bermanfaat! #MudaJagaMuar (@teamsaddiq) September 19, 2020

According to Syed, since the declaration of emergency in Malaysia, Syed’s team has successfully aided over 765 families by providing them with laptops and tablets from the ‘1 Keluarga 1 Laptop‘ initiative which was launched by his team back in 2019. In addition, his efforts has also helped feed over 5500 families nationwide through the ‘Food Bank project’.

Prior to heading to Singapore, he merely wished that his studies in  Public Policy field will make him a better member of Parliament and policymaker for Muar and Malaysia.


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