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Syed Saddiq Confirms Rumour Of Him Flirting With School Girl Is A Slander

Rumour has it, Syed Saddiq has been messaging a school girl, there was even a short video clip on YouTube that clearly shows both parties flirting and also lewd messages in the WhatsApp chat. Unfortunately, the Muar MP has been dealing with a lot of haters that are trying to bring him down, and this may be the case with the false news.

Syed Saddiq finally had enough, he responded to the video clip and told MalaysiaKini: “It’s disgusting. This is clearly a slander. Disgusting defamation. It doesn’t make any sense.” He also revealed that he will be taking legal actions against the culprit behind the video to clear his name.

Credit: Hype

Credit: Hype

In the video, messages exchanged between the school girl and a male sender known as “Baby Sadiq” were pretty sexual. The male sender even requested an NSFW picture of her! The account that uploaded the 45 second video clip was recently created on 28 March, while the video was uploaded on 3 May. The YouTube account under the name, Pendedahan Politikus Korup (PPK) has then deleted the video, so only screenshots were salvaged.

That said, Gombak District Police Chief Arifai Taware confirmed that there was a police report on this case on 5 March. We still don’t know the verdict of the case, but investigations are still in early stages as of now.

Do you think Syed Saddiq is innocent or guilty?


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