• Jonathan Shiek

Syed Saddiq Calls For Action As Another YES 4G Smartphone Blew Up

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve been seeing news of the YES 4G smartphones that are being distributed to B40 families exploding left and right. These devices were supposed to enable learning from home but more issues keep popping up.

Back on Monday, Syed Saddiq shared yet another YES 4G smartphone that apparently blew up, it seems that there were no traces of the phone left after the fire. Previously, YTL Communications, in charge of the devices, mentioned in a statement that the devices are “safe for use” after acknowledging the cases.

While previous cases of the devices appear to have batteries catching on fire, this case shared by Syed Saddiq just disintegrated. Sadly, most of the devices happen to catch on fire when it’s put to charge, which clearly indicates poor charging circuitry in the YES 4G smartphones. While YES 4G did mention in a statement that users should use the included chargers, any properly designed smartphone should have the necessary capabilities to regulate its charging with a proper USB charger.


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