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Swarovski Confirms They Are No Longer Working With Neelofa

Yes yes, I am well aware that Neelofa has been on the news consecutively for a couple of weeks now. From violating SOPs, partnering with Fipper for “Muslim-friendly slippers”, and indirectly insulting the burger vendor, she is literally everywhere right now! Unfortunately for the Malaysian actress, television presenter, commercial model, and entrepreneur, Swarovski confirmed on its official Twitter account that the company will no longer be working with Neelofa.

A Twitter user @azba95 tweeted Swarovski “If Neelofa is a Korean artist, the brands that she’s the ambassador of would have terminated her contracts immediately. Hello @swarovski,” and to his surprise, Swarovski responded with “Thank you for reaching out. We can confirm that we’re no longer working with Neelofa.”

If Neelofa is a Korean artists, the brands that she is the ambassador of would have terminated the contracts already. Hello @swarovski — Church of Levitating St. Lipa (@azba95) April 27, 2021

That said, I was not able to find Swarovski’s reply that was reported by Hype, so it could just be a fake account. Looks like brands are slowly going to pull out of their partnerships and collaborations with Neelofa. What do you think about this?


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