• Jonathan Shiek

Sure or not? The Way You Text Reveals Your Personality

Have you ever been on a date with a VERY OBSERVANT person and they catch you taking out your phone to reply to a text and all of a sudden they understand everything about you? No? Just me?

Well okay then. But in general, it’s easy to not take notice of the tiny habits which could define you as a person. You’ll be surprised to know that your personality traits show up in the way you behave and act with people around you. Like my stupid date who immediately arrived to the assumption that I don’t like wasting time on decision-making – and this he summed up by just observing the way I text on my mobile phone. (I know right!)

But you’ll either come off as incredibly annoying, or you’ll be appreciated as being very observant (which was, eventually how I agreed to the 2nd date) but either way, I hope you’ll find these next few guides incredibly useful personality tell-tales or icebreakers on your next date.

1. Texting with a single thumb

If you find yourself holding the phone with a single hand and texting with a single thumb on the screen, then you’re likely a carefree person who sails through difficult problems with a certain je-ne-sais-quois about you. But also, you have large hands. So you’re already ahead in life. What more texting.

2. Texting with a single thumb while holding the phone with both hands

If you’re using both your hands and texting with a single thumb, then you’re someone who thinks before you act. Taking risks is not an option for you as you like to be in control of yourself and situations at all times. You’re also probably a lefty.

3. Texting with both thumbs while holding the phone

Congrats! You’ve arrived at the majority. If you’re using both your hands when texting, then you appreciate efficiency and speed. Like me. I’m trying my best to keep you engaged as you breeze through this rather useless article.

You don’t like to dwindle or waste time on the small things in life, rather you find yourself attending to things that matter to you the most. (Like your date, who might be already grumbling at your snail-like pace to finish reading this article.)

4. Texting with the index finger while holding the phone in one hand

If you find yourself texting with your index finger while holding the phone in one hand then you’re likely to be a creative person with an active imagination. Or you’re like, 65.

So which one are you?

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