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Sunway Students Allowed to Re-enter Campus 1 March Onwards

Earlier today, Sunway University updated their Instagram story with the latest news regarding the details of campus re-entry.

Credits: Sunway University

Credits: Sunway University

Credits: Sunway University

The Instagram story featured news that was initially released by the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) back in 31 January 2021 and was updated again on 15 February 2021 via a letter to Sunway University.

The letter covers 3 primary items which are: The 6 categories of students that are allowed to return to campus physically, Movement of students from East Malaysia/ Inter-district/ Interstate travel, along with isolation and campus.

The 6 categories:

Only students that are currently undergoing their diploma, bachelors, and post-graduate programmes who require hands-on access to facilities are allowed to re-enter campus. In addition, students who lack adequate internet connection or a conducive learning space will be allowed on campus.

Existing students who are currently living in Sunway Education Group (SEG) residences doing their Foundation or Diploma programmes will have to wait for advice from their course directors pertaining classes considering that they have been learning in hybrid mode (online or face to face) thus far.

All new and old international students will be allowed back on campus with exception to students from the United Kingdom due to matters relating to the requirement for their return to the country. International students must under go the RT PCR Covid-19 Screening Test 3 days prior to arrival in Malaysia. There will also be a mandatory quarantine period before re-entering campus for a total of 7 days for those who submit the RT PCR test report and 10 days for those who do not bring along the RT PCR test report.

Students with special needs (OKU) will also be allowed back on campus along with students who are scheduled to sit for the Malaysia University English Test (MUET).

Students who fit these categories will be issued with permission letters to return to campus by their respective institutions/schools.

Movement of students from East Malaysia/ Inter-district/ Interstate travel:

Students who fit the 6 categories as listed above who are from Sabah that are planning on returning to campus will have to undergo a swab test which will be borne by the Ministry of Health (MOH). However, students who are returning from Sarawak to Peninsular Malaysia will not have to undergo a swab test as per MoHE guidelines.

For students arriving in Sarawak, they are required to be quarantined for 14 days at the designated isolation centre prior to returning to campus, which was determined by the Sarawak State Government.

Students who need to cross district or state lines are required to obtain the necessary documents from their respective police stations. Prior to applying for the any documents, please remember to: bring along the letter issued by your institution, to fill up the inter-district/ interstate forms and to prepare two copies of said documents.

Isolation and campus re-entry

All students who were residing in SEG residences, coming from MCO/CMCO states will be required to undergo a 10-day isolation once they are back in their residence. The residence management team will provide guidelines on the latest MoHE requirements while providing any necessary support.

Students who require daily admission to campus for reasons such as class/lab/practical/exam will be allowed to do so provided it is in compliance with existing SOP’s: e-declarations, tempreture checks and MySejahtera forms.

For students who are incapable of re-entry to campus but needs to do so in order to progress your course or graduate, you may contact your respective institutions/ Schools.

Please do contact your respective institutions should you have further inquiries.

It may seem like ages since students have been able to get out of the house and have an actual face to face learning environment. I am sure most Sunway students are looking forward to heading back into campus, but I sure do hope they practice social distancing along with the other SOP’s.


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