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Sundri’s Bakes & Bites Makes Astounding Saree Themed Cakes And More

Have you ever looked at an extremely beautiful saree and thought “hey that looks so good I could eat it”… yeah me neither but if you are inclined to give it a shot, this Malaysian home baker makes some jaw-dropping saree themed cake designs that will actually make you question if it is real or not.

Sundri’s Bakes & Bites is a homegrown business that has been quite popular since 2017 with their one-of-a-kind desserts and hand-crafted cakes. Over the years, they have been growing their business steadily with basic baking classes, saree cake design classes, and even an icing class.

Credits: Sundribakesnbites (instagram)

But they are still most famous for their saree cake designs. The design spots intricate lace patterns with handmade golden fondant jewellery decked onto the cake. They are creatively designed and personally crafted based on each customers request so you can be certain that the cake you are getting is perfect for your occasion.

Credits: Sundribakesnbites (instagram)

Aside from their famous saree cakes, they also create a dazzling bangle box cake decorated with gold icing with a rather nifty cover that is designed to look just like a mirror!

If you aren’t looking for anything traditional, Sundri’s Bakes & Bites also customizes cakes for any and all occasions such as birthdays, promotions, “anniver-sarees”, and more. You can get one of their cakes at a starting price of RM300 with a minimum of 1.5kg pure butter cake, and it can go up to RM1,000 or more depending on the request.


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