• Jonathan Shiek

Study Shows That Some Blood Types Are More Susceptible To Covid-19

A recent study published in scientific journal Blood Advances reveals that the Covid-19 virus is more likely to infect people with a certain blood type and long story short, people with blood type A should probably be extra careful (I write this with a dreadful realisation that I’m indeed one of those people).

According to the study published on 3 March, 2021, scientists were looking at how the virus interacted with respiratory and red blood cells in blood types A, B, and O and the results revealed that the virus seemed to have a particular liking for blood group A antigens that are found in respiratory cells.

But somehow, the virus doesn’t seem to have any preference for red blood cells in type A blood. And lucky for those with type B and O blood, Covid-19 doesn’t seem to like your blood group too.

In fact, a separate study that was published last October found that people with type O blood might be least likely to get infected with Covid-19, or rather they were the most protected from the virus.

Although these findings are scientifically backed-up, it doesn’t mean that people with type B and O blood should be too relaxed because like studies have shown, no one is completely immune to the virus.


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