• Jonathan Shiek

Study Shows Male Babies Are Less Likely To Survive Covid-19 Infections

There’s been so many studies done on Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic, and it seems like the more we know about the virus, the scarier it gets.

A recent study that was conducted to learn about the effects of Covid-19 on pregnant mothers and their unborn babies has found that compared to females, male fetuses may be more prone to high-risk complications from the virus infection.

The study, which looked at 38 pregnant women who tested positive for Covid-19, found that as mothers with male fetuses tend to experience more changes in the placenta and umbilical cord, less nutrients and antibodies were being transported through the umbilical cord.

This results in male fetuses being more vulnerable to the virus infection, which makes them less likely to survive complications as compared to their female counterparts.

As alarming as the results may be for expecting mothers, it’s believed that the easiest and most foolproof way for pregnant women to avoid catching Covid-19 is to take extra precaution by always wearing a mask, maintaining a safe social distance and if possible, avoid going out, especially to crowded places.


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