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Study Shows Cats May Be Able To Catch Covid From Owners

If you’re a cat owner who always comes home to cuddle with your cat after a long day out, then I have some important news for you. Firstly, you may want to avoid doing that because not only do you risk catching the Covid-19 virus, you also risk infecting your cat with it.

Researchers at Scotland’s University of Glasgow have found that cats are able to develop the virus after catching it from their owners.

The study, which was published in the Veterinary Record managed to identify two cases where cats of different breeds and separate households in the UK were believed to have contracted the virus from their owners.

While one of the cats was able to recover after showing mild symptoms, the other cat, which was a four-month-old Ragdoll, struggled with breathing difficulties and had to be put down.

However, the study assured that there’s currently no evidence of cat-to-human transmission, so humans still don’t need to worry too much about cats, dogs or any domestic animals infecting their owners with the Covid-19 virus.

With that said, scientists worry that domestic animals may act as a “viral reservoir” and allow the virus to accumulate and result in continued transmission.

Although animal-to-human transmission currently poses a relatively low risk to public health, there are concerns that as human cases reduce, the chances of transmission among animals may risk reintroducing the virus to humans.

Which is why lead author Professor Margaret Hosie said it will be important to monitor different modes of transmission to improve understanding of the risks.


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