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Study Reveals 54% Of Malaysians Watch YouTube During Video Calls

Many of us have been working from home for as long as we can remember, and that means putting up with continuous Zoom meetings that, let’s be honest, everyone dreads. And it’s not just in a workplace setting, even those video calls with family and friends can quickly become a bore. In fact, a study revealed that more than half of Malaysians actually watch other videos and go on social media during a video call!

The study conducted by conversational AI technology company Uniphore, found that across the world, most individuals struggle with various problems when it comes to video calls. In particular, those from Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines all seemed to find video conferencing to be slightly monotonous.

About 30 to 32% of participants from said countries admitted that they would prefer to multitask during their calls. More than half of Malaysians, Singaporeans, Vietnamese and Filipinos said their favourite thing to do during online calls is to watch other videos, followed by scrolling through social media, going on bathroom breaks and online shopping of course.

Apart from finding video calls boring, 29% of Malaysians also dislike video conferencing because it requires them to get ready and look presentable, while another 29% of participants don’t enjoy going on camera because they’d have to see themselves on screen - very relatable, can’t argue with that.

Are you also guilty of doing other things during your video calls?


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