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Student Exposed Teacher For Making Rape Jokes But Gets Threatened By Students In Her School

A viral TikTok video of a 17-year-old school girl recently gotten a lot of people’s attention as it was about a teacher in her school that made inappropriate jokes about rape during a physical and health education class. Unfortunately, after she exposed the teacher, she received a lot of threats from students in her school.

Let’s back track a little, in her TikTok video, she talked about how they were talking about sexual harassment and how to take care of your body rights. She said, “It was going good you know, we were talking about sexual harassment, how to take care of yourself, your body rights.” However, the conversation escalated from 0 to 100 real quick. “He was making a couple of jokes but it seemed normal at first, but slowly the jokes were getting weird and more lucah (lewd).”

“Then we were talking about how there are laws protecting minors from sexual abuse and harassment, and then he said ‘If you want to rape someone, don’t rape those under 18, rape those above 18′,” she added. The audacity of this teacher to allow any form of rape, whether or not the person is of legal age.

@ant33aterpls make the school environment safer for us, as teachers u have lots of influence with your mindset. ##xyzcba ##tiktokmalaysia

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Thankfully, a couple of politicians and public figures like Batu Kawan member of parliament (MP) Kasthuri Patto and former education minister Maszlee Malik applaud and support the 17-year-old student for speaking out while urging for action to be taken against the teacher.

Rogol bukan bahan lawak!#MakeSchoolASaferPlace — Maszlee Malik 🇲🇾 (@maszlee) April 26, 2021

The TikTok clip garnered over 756,700 views and 18,400 retweets on Twitter which led to students from her school attacking her with rape threats. A student even sent her a voice recording saying, “The matter can be settled with the school, why do you want to let the whole world know? What do you want? Attention?”

“Go back to where you came from. You’re not even from here. The kids here who got treated like that before this did not even make a big deal out of it. I swear this kid is an idiot. If I got my hands on her, I’d scrape her. If not, I’d rape her and send her to Thailand.” Even though threatened by the boy, she still altered his voice to protect his identity.

Her father has since posted on Facebook about the rape threats and added that he will lodge a police report over this along with another report about the inappropriate remarks made by her teacher.



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