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Stream It: Here’s Our Favorite Iconic Moments From Bling Empire

From diamonds and mansions to a mysterious device found in Anna Shay’s bathroom, Bling Empire covers all the drama you need.

Should you stream it or skip it, you ask? The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes, all eight episodes in one sitting. There are many things we love about the show: 1. The (crazy rich) Asian representation. 2. The drama. 3. When Kevin said: “Who raised you? Wolves?!”  

Here are some of our favorite moments from the show. 

#1 The one in Anna’s bathroom

Real Housewives Asian GIF by NETFLIX - Find & Share on GIPHY

Yes, it was intrusive, but boy was it hilarious. It’s questionable how Kim tried to push all the blame on Guy when she was the one that suggested tossing the “it” out the window, but that gave us a good laugh. 

#2 When Kevin said “Who raised you? Wolves?” and Kim threw her drink at him 

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Kevin sided Anna in the whole privacy-invading scene, clearly. Whose side are YOU on? 

#3 When Cherie proposed to Jessey

Image: The Cinemaholic

All we can say is we stan a lady who goes after what she wants and makes the bold move! 

#4 When Kevin and Kane went looking for Kim’s biological father

Image: Netflix

Honestly, at first, we thought it was a bad move because they went against Kim. But we’re glad that she finally got the closure she needed. Lots of emotions in this episode!

#5 When Anna changed Christine’s seat at her party

Image: Netflix

At this point, this level of pettiness is inspirational. It’s no surprise that Anna isn’t the biggest fan of Christine because she can’t take her seriously and that Christine has to “name drop”. So she accidentally-on-purpose moved Christine’s seat to the end of the table, away from the rest of the group. The slightest move that screams not-so-slight-after-all.

What was your favourite moment? Tell us in the comments!

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