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#StopAsianHate Trending On Twitter After Atlanta Shooting

21 year old white man, Robert Aaron Long, went on a shooting spree at several (yeah SEVERAL) Georgia spas and killed 8 people, 6 of which were Asian women. People are speculating that this derived from racism, and is definitely a hate crime, but authorities mentioned during a press conference that the accused mass murderer was just “having a bad day”.

Wait what? So, having a bad day gives you a hall pass to start murdering innocent people? How about the loved ones of those victims? How are people suppose to feel safe if authorities are “white washing” these hate crimes, and passing it off as “he had a bad day, and this is what he did”?

it was a hate crime. call it a hate crime. Stop Asian Hate (some resources below) — jarvis johnson (@jarvis) March 17, 2021

Capt. Jay Baker, playing the role of the murderer’s defense attorney said that: “He apparently has an issue, what he considers a sex addiction, and sees these locations as something that allows him to go to these places, and it’s a temptation for him that he wanted to eliminate.”

This wasn’t the only problem, unfortunately cases has increased nearly 150% since last year because of the Covid-19 pandemic that hit worldwide. The problem was also worsen because of Donald Trump, former American president that started calling the coronavirus pandemic “the China virus” and “Kung Flu”, letting xenophobic and white supremacist supporters demonize Asian Americans in the process. Whether they were Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Filipino, or other Asian races, nobody among the Asian American community felt safe.

These couple of weeks have been extremely excruciating for Asian Americans, hate crimes across America were shared around in social media, causing a whole uproar within the community. There has then been a new trend on Twitter called #StopAsianHate, to educate people on what they can do to help or protect themselves against these uncertain times.

Did you know that nearly 3,800 hate incidents have been reported against Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders across America over the past year? Even with the “Stop AAPI Hate”, which was formed in March 2020 to prevent discrimination during the coronavirus pandemic, incidents did not stop. Stop AAPI Hate said that the shootings were “an unspeakable tragedy for the victims’ families and an Asian-American community that has been reeling from high levels of racist attacks.” They also added that these cases “will only exacerbate the fear and pain that the Asian-American community continues to endure.”

The fact remains that all but two of the victims in this tragic incident were Asian American women and that these were all Asian-owned businesses. #StopAAPIHate — Stop AAPI Hate (@StopAAPIHate) March 17, 2021

According to reports, most of the hate incidents took place against Asian women, whether it’s in businesses or just public sidewalks and streets. Many Asian Americans are coming out, telling their stories as an Asian living in America, some of them really hit close to home, as I was also going through a lot of racism as an Asian who studied in the UK for a couple of years.

please take some time to educate yourself on the current rise in anti-Asian violence that is happening. stop normalising the hate and discrimination against Asians and donate if you can towards official organisations to #StopAsianHate! — 🦋 (@yoonminfm) March 17, 2021

I am deeply saddened by all these hate crimes against Asians in America, if you have an Asian friend, please check up on them even if they are not voicing out their troubles and fears.

Wake up… your Asian friends and family are deeply scared, horrified, sick to their stomachs and wildly angry. Please please please check in on us, please please please stand with us. Please. Your Asian friend needs you, even if they aren’t publicly grieving on social media. x — Lana Condor (@lanacondor) March 17, 2021

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