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Stop Getting Vitamin C Injections For Whitening, They Are Unsafe And Illegal

These days, people are willing to go to great lengths just to achieve their ideal beauty standard, which for some, is having fair skin. A recent TikTok is proving this fact to be true as the viral video shows various individuals receiving a vitamin C drip injection for alleged skin-whitening purposes.

drip dalam kereta je utk putih. tak sayang buah pinggang ke sis? — bing (@bimbimmmmmmmmm) February 27, 2021

To make matters worse, the people in the video seemed to be receiving the beauty “treatment” at questionable places like in the car or at home, instead of established beauty clinics or wellness centres.

The secrecy behind these treatment locations leads to this question: Are vitamin C injections safe or legal in Malaysia? And the answer is, no to both.

The use of vitamin C injections for cosmetic purposes such as anti-ageing, anti-wrinkles and whitening agents are prohibited by the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB) of Malaysia.

According to dermatologist Dr Lim Ing Kien, vitamin C injections are extremely risky because there is a lack of research and safety data to determine if these injections will cause any harmful side effects to the user’s body in the long run.

Moreover, the source of these vitamin C injections remains unknown to the public because no factory has received any approval to produce vitamin C injections for cosmetic purposes so far.

So people, please stop getting these suspicious vitamin C injections for the sake of your health and your safety. Remember, beauty is temporary, but a criminal record lasts forever.


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