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Startup Posts LinkedIn Job Opening That Offers Exposure With No Salary

One of the most frustrating part about job hunting is seeing job openings that say things like “Fresh grads are welcome. Minimum one year experience required” – because WTF does that mean. But this latest job posting has really taken WTF to a whole other level.

Facebook page The Incumbent Agency recently shared a photo of a job posting they encountered on LinkedIn and it’s so ridiculous it’s actually hilarious.

Credits: The Incumbent Agency

Not only does the unnamed startup company require years of experience and various software knowledge from their employees, they expect the candidate to work without immediate compensation, all because the company is not making money right now.

Instead, employees will receive other forms of compensation like exposure, personal growth, recommendations, and possible payroll in the future – even that isn’t guaranteed.

The post that was captioned “Sign me up for this great exposure!” has been shared over 700 times and the comments are equally funny.

Credits: Facebook

Some netizens have even asked the group to reveal the name of the company, well that would certainly give them the “exposure” they desire so much.

As ridiculous as these kind of job postings may seem, they tend to be quite common as some companies are serious about paying employees or even partners with exposure in exchange for money, which is basically asking people to do free labour.

But of course, if you can find a way to commit yourself to a job like this and accept your pay of exposure, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to buy something with your “salary” like this guy…

Credits: Facebook


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