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Star Wars Super-fans Created the Actual Spaceship From ‘The Mandalorian’

Have you ever heard the term “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth over doing?” well that is exactly what these Russian Star Wars fans did! They miraculously managed to build a giant replica of the spaceship from ‘The Mandalorian.’

The spaceship measures 13 feet in height and was constructed out of fibreboard, metal and plastic foam and here’s the icing on the cake. It took Ayaal Fyodorov and his friends just three months to construct the entire thing!

Credits: Rojak Daily

Though, it did come at a pretty steep cost. The entire project cost them a rough estimate of RM42,000. Apparently, Fyodorov used his savings, sold his car and even called for sponsors in an attempt to make his dream come true (that dedication tho).

According to the absolute mad lad, he said that the inspiration to build the spaceship came after the show’s second season where the famous spaceship was destroyed. Following the scene, Fyodorov and his friends were stunned and proceeded to memoralise the spaceship in the best way possible.

Credits: Rojak Daily

He went on to state that “We were very much motivated to make it. As if we were inside the TV series and rebuilding the ship.” He then added “The ship is so detailed that it even has a seat for Baby Yoda. This is the only such cosplay ship in the world.”

Their creation is now parked in the eastern Siberian city of Yakutsk where many tourists and locals flock over to get a glimpse of the replica.


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