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Star Wars Republic Commando Is Getting a Remake and We Are Stoked!

“Delta Squad…stand firm” Well… we just might have to as well considering the beloved tactical first-person shooter Star Wars Republic Commando is finally getting a remake and it is being ported to PS4 and Nintendo Switch as well!

Rappelling in this 6 April, players can relive this cult classic in all its glory…except it will look a whole lot better, now that it has been remastered.

The original game was initially launched in 2005 and it was exclusive to Xbox and PC. The game is set during the Clone Wars and players are placed in RC-1338’s (Boss) boots as he commands a special ops unit – Delta Squad through a series of campaigns all across the various systems present in the Star Wars Universe.

Credits: TechRadar

Since the initial release, many gamers and loyal Star Wars fans have dubbed Star Wars Republic Commando “the greatest Star Wars game ever made”. Many of the fans were hounding LucasArts (Lucasfilm Games) for a sequel or another game that has the same mechanics and story value but unfortunately their pleas fell on deaf ears. At the very least, we finally get a remake of it!

You can see the new trailer here!

The original game featured both single-player and multiplayer components but the remake will only feature a campaign mode (No toxic chats yay). But one of the biggest appeals for the game when it first released was for the amazing campaign anyway so I doubt that many will miss the multiplayer aspects of it.

Star Wars: Republic Commando will also be playable on PS5 via backwards compatibility and will cost $14.99, roughly RM60.00.


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