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Standard 6 Boy In Melaka Fainted Post-Vaccination Due To Lack Of Sleep & Improper Breakfast

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A recent viral clip on social media showing a 12-year-old boy passing out after his first dose of vaccination has led to people questioning if the Covid-19 vaccine was safe for children. However, a medical assessment has revealed that the cause of the boy's faintness was actually due to a combination of nervousness, lack of sleep, and food.

It was said that the boy had visited the walk-in PPV in Klebang, Melaka yesterday morning with his parents. While he had no shown any side effects during the observation period, the boy began to feel weak and collapsed at the parking lot outside. He was then rushed back to the PPV for medical attention.

However, the medical officer on duty found the boy's vital signs to be normal, and allowed him to return home after 30 minutes of observation. A further investigation later revealed that the boy had slept at 2am the night before, and only had a spoonful of nasi lemak for breakfast, which probably led to him passing out.

“This boy did not have any problems, had never been hospitalised, and had no previous history of allergies. This incident has been confirmed to have been due to nervousness, lack of sleep and not eating his breakfast before his vaccination,” said Melaka State Health Department deputy director Dr Rusdi Abd Rahmad, who also urged the public to stop spreading misinformation about the incident.


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