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Staff & Patients Of A Japanese Hospital Have Been Drinking Water Used To Flush The Toilet

Staff and patients of a hospital located in Osaka University were reportedly drinking water that is used to flush the toilet bowl for 28 years. According to Medical Trend, there was always water quality inspection done on a weekly basis at the hospital, but there was no issues ever reported until recently.

Apparently, the pipeline of the building had not been changed since its construction in 1993. The error occurred during the construction process, the drinking water pipe was accidentally connected to the toilet water. Patients and staff of the hospital have not only been consuming the "toilet water", but also using it to gargle and wash their hands.

Unfortunately, they only detected the issue when the hospital management started the construction of a brand new building for diagnosis and treatment. The university's researcher and vice president Kazuhiko Nakatani had since apologised and bowed publicly at a press conference.

Credit: Medical Trend

“I am very sorry that the university hospital that provides advanced medical care has caused an unnecessary worry,” he said.


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