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Spotify Venturing Out To Video Games With Flu Game

Spotify seems to be working on more than just music streaming these days, and shockingly it’s video games! Spotify was working on video games with Flu Game, a promotional tool for British rapper, AJ Tracey, and also a way for the music streaming giant to join a booming market.

The newly launched video game is about basketball, as the British rapper’s second album title refers to a game of NBS finals in 1997 when Michael Jordan gotten food poisoning but still bagged the American championship win with the Chicago Bulls.

album so hot @SpotifyUK made me my own game ! show me your scores ⛹🏽‍♂️🔥 — aj (@ajtracey) April 19, 2021

Gamers will be able to navigate around a number of obstacles to score as many baskets as possible. You’ll also be able to encourage each other with various songs from Flu Game, compiled into a single in-game playlist.

Flu Game is primarily a promotional tool that Spotify launched within the past few years to get closer to the video game industry. Back in 2016, Spotify developed a music platform tailored to gamers’ needs, where they can discover the original soundtracks of popular video games while having playlists designed specifically to be listened to when gaming.

Clearly, this move is extremely effective as specialised gaming playlists like “Top Gaming Tracks,” “Power Gaming” and “Hip Hop Controller” sees an increase in listeners. There were studies done by Twitch and MIDiA Research that found that the most passionate gamers are also the most engaged in music. Smart move Spotify!

What other video games would you like to see Spotify try out?


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