• Jonathan Shiek

Spotify To Introduce High-End Subscription For Higher-Quality Audio

I’m pretty sure most of us have Spotify accounts at this point, well if you don’t, here’s a very good reason to why you should get one! Spotify will be launching a whole new tier for higher-quality audio, that promises “CD quality, lossless audio.” This automatically tops the current high-tier, Spotify Premium.

The new tier will be called, Spotify HiFi, which will obviously cost more than the current Spotify Premium and will also be able as a Premium add-on too! During the “Stream On” event, Spotify also announced an audience development tool for artists, an audio ad marketplace, international expansion, Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen’s podcast, and a test of paid podcast subscriptions.

We still don’t know how much Spotify HiFi will cost and the launch date of the new tier, but stay tuned to be updated!


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