• Jonathan Shiek

Spotify’s New Design For Web Player And Desktop App Boasts More Controls

Music streaming platform Spotify has announced in a blog post that it will be redesigning its desktop apps and web player to feature a cleaner look with more controls. According to Spotify, the update is made based on feedback from various users and aims to provide easier navigation for listeners.

The first thing users will probably notice in the update is the new home page layout that has shifted the search bar from the top to the left side of the navigation page.

Credits: Spotify

The new design will also make the playlist creation experience easier as there will be an embedded search bar within the playlist for users find and add new songs or podcast episodes to new and existing playlists.

Credits: Spotify

There will also be various new keyboard shortcuts for PC users to perform different tasks. Users can simply press “Control + ?” for Windows or “Command + ?” for Mac within the desktop app to see the full list of commands available.

It’s said that the redesign will be available to all users globally over the coming weeks. Let us know what you think about the platform’s new design and features! Do you think it looks good or useful?


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