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Spotify Is Reportedly Beta Testing A Scrollable Feed Of Clips Similar To TikTok

Music streaming platform Spotify may be thinking of adding new features to its platform that will resemble TikTok. Spotify is reportedly beta testing a scrollable feed of clips as spotted by product designer Chris Messina.

Apparently, Spotify's new Discover feature first appeared during the beta testing version of the mobile app. Once you tap the Discover icon, you'll be treated to a full screen video to accompany a short song clip, although they all appear to be excerpts from official music videos.

Spotify Discover seems to work the same way as TikTok, allowing users to scroll up and down to flick between videos while the song name, artist, and album art will appear in a bar at the bottom of the screen. Just like Spotify's known feature, users can like a video by tapping on a heart icon.

Looking at the video shared by Chris Messina on Twitter, Discover aims to make it easier for users to discover new music on its platform in a slightly more engaging way while building your playlist. Sadly, we don't have more information on the new feature or when it will be released.


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