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Spotify Announces Partnership With GIPHY That Enables Users To Discover New Music Through GIFs

Heads up Spotify users! The digital music service announced a partnership with online GIF database, GIPHY that enable users to discover new music through GIFs. But it’s not what you think it is, the GIFs won’t be playing song clips.

According to Spotify, there will be a new series of Spotify-linked GIFs and an option to click a button to be taken to Spotify directly to listen to the artist’s music. The new launch will see artists like, Doja Cat, The Weeknd, Post Malone, Nicki Minaj, The Kid LAROI, Conan Gray, and many others’ Spotify-linked GIFs available on their official GIPHY profile page. When clicked, users will be redirected from the GIF to the artist’s page on Spotify.

Credit: GIPHY

The main goal was to help connect users with Spotify music from daily communications like, texts, group chats, and other platforms where GIFs are used. It is similar to how users of Snapchat and Instagram can share music through Stories and messages they post. The new Spotify-linked GIFs can now be found on or through its mobile app.

Don’t worry Malaysians, Spotify mentioned that this new feature will be made available to users globally from verified GIPHY artists’ page. Finally another cool feature for us to experience!


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