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Spotify And Kakao Are Renewing Their Licensing Agreement

Remember the agony of seeing your sad K-pop playlist due to the global licensing agreement problem with Kakao Entertainment and Spotify the start of the month? Well, the heartbreak is over! In an official statement released by Spotify and Kakao Entertainment, both companies have completed discussions and will be renewing their global licensing contract.

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What does this mean for us K-pop lovers?

Kakao Entertainment’s music content will now be available on Spotify platforms around the world again! After having hundreds of popular K-pop hits disappear from Spotify, fans couldn’t enjoy listening to their favourite K-pop artists under Kakao Entertainment, causing a huge uproar online.

“We remain committed to actively working toward negotiations with artists, labels, and rights holders in order to have a positive impact on the Korean streaming system,” Spotify stated. Meanwhile on Kakao Entertainment’s end, they mentioned: “Through diverse partnerships around the world, including Spotify, we aim to help our artists connect to listeners all over the world and create opportunities for people to enjoy K-pop.”

Hopefully this doesn’t happen again in the future, I wouldn’t want to find songs missing in my specially curated K-pop Spotify playlist again! Which K-pop artist or group did you miss when they removed them off Spotify?


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