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South Korean Workers Dress Up In 'Squid Game' Outfits To Protest Against Poorly Handled Economy

Credit: The Guardian

By now, you've probably already finished the most popular South Korean Netflix series and seen plenty of viral memes about 'Squid Game'. Well, currently in South Korea, thousands of union workers got together to protest against the government's alleged poor handling of the country's economy while wearing the 'Squid Game' jumpsuits.

On 20 October, about 80,000 members of the South Korean Confederation of Trade Unions gathered in 13 different cities around the country to protest the recent economic downturn and demanded that the government provide them with better working conditions and higher minimum wages. The protest in Seoul gathered approximately 27,000 workers dressed in the Squid Game-inspired outfits to air their frustrations publicly, as the Netflix series' premise of the rich preying upon the poor resonates strongly with the rally-goers.

Sadly, even though the popular Netflix show is purely fictional, the premise actually strongly resonates with the country's union workers. Despite social distancing measures still in place, most of the rallies in Seoul took place in Gwanghwamun Plaza which caused about 12,000 police to barricade the area, setting up blockades and barriers to ensure things don't get out of hand.


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