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South Korean Woman Says Malaysian Men Are More Attractive Than Korean Men

Now, it is certainly nothing new to find Malaysian women going head over heels for their beloved Korean ‘oppas’ and honestly we can’t blame them. Ever since the Korean wave hit the shores of Malaysia back in 2009-ish, girls have been going absolutely berserk for these cute lads plastered all over their feed.

The K-pop craze went to the point where some Malaysian girls wouldn’t even peek a glance at you if you weren’t Korean and unfortunately for some of us, this infatuation for ‘oppas’ doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon… but I suppose we have grown accustomed to it.

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So try imagining if the tables were turned. Try imagining Korean women going head over heels for Malaysian men. Sounds rather farfetched doesn’t it? Well, not for one South Korean woman.

According to a report by Utusan Malaysia, Minyeong Choi claims that Malaysian men are more appealing than South Korean men, especially when it comes to family-related responsibilities. The 26-year-old woman stated that Malaysian men were more likely to prioritise families rather than their own personal exploits as opposed to Korean men.

“Some of them get home so late that they miss having dinner with their families, and some of them don’t like to help around the house,” she said.

She also added, “Malaysian men also have more authority when making decisions for the household, have more humility and treat women better.”

As if that wasn’t enough to prove her point, Minyeong also went on saying, “South Korean men were more obsessed with their looks compared to Malaysian men so they are a bit soft if you ask me.”

At the end of the day, these opinions are just that of one woman so I suppose we can’t really generalize it. That said, I personally know of a few South Korean women who absolutely adore Malaysian men.

What do you think? Is there any truth in Minyeong’s claims?


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