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South Korean University Toilets Convert Poop Into Sustainable Electricity And Digital Currency

I know you’re probably confused after reading the headline title, and yes it is exactly as we stated it, a South Korean university, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) created a smart “green” toilet for students to enjoy privilege of free sustainable electricity to power their building! On top of that, using the toilet can also be converted into a digital currency called “Ggool” which translates to ‘Honey’.

Credit: Reuters

Interesting yet kind of weird right? The ‘green’ toilet that was named BeeVi is a play on words ‘bee’ and vison’, designed by UNIST professor Cho Jae-weon. So how it works is, BeeVi shoots poop through a vacuum pump into an underground tank and from there the waste will be broken down into methane, which the university then converts the energy to power the building.

From there, student can contribute their poop by using BeeVi to convert into the university’s digital currency, Ggool. Students will be able to use Ggool to pay for coffee, food, and even books! Each use of the ‘green’ toilet will credit students with 10 Ggool a day.

According to professor Cho, 500 grams of poop can be converted into 50 liters of methane gas, which then converts into roughly 0.5 kWh of electricity. To put this into perspective, that is enough power for a car to drive for 1.2km!

Rather weird thinking of poop as gold and power.


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