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South Korea's President To Consider Banning Dog Meat Consumption

Credits: Al Jazeera

The consumption of dog meat is legal in South Korea, where it's presumed that up to one million dogs are slaughtered for food every year. But as the government introduces measures to protect abandoned animals, president Moon Jae-in is finally considering banning dog meat consumption in the country.

As more South Korean citizens, especially the younger generation, start to embrace dogs as pets rather than food, the demand and consumption of dog meat has declined throughout the years. As a result, three of the country's largest dog meat market have reportedly closed down.

A 2020 survey also revealed that 84% of South Koreans have never consumed dog meat and do not intend to consume it in the future. In the same poll, 59% of respondents were in favour of banning dog meat, while 57% of South Koreans said consuming dog meat reflects poorly on their country.

Although there is an existing law to prevent the cruel slaughter of dogs and cats, consumption is still legal. However, in a recent meeting with prime minister Kim Boo-kyum, Moon raised the question of banning dog meat for good, saying "Hasn’t the time come to prudently consider prohibiting dog meat consumption?"


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