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Sources That Provide Daily Dose Of Good News

2020 and now followed by 2021 has been overwhelming and filled with negativity, all we want is some good news and positive vibes from time to time to keep us afloat. Well, we’ve got your back! Here are some sources to help drive away the bad and bring in the good!

Good Good Good

Well just like what it’s called, it’s the perfect place to find good news! You can get them in a couple of different formats like newspaper, podcast, and newsletters. It is mostly based in the US, but with everything circulating online, you can pick their podcast and newsletters to still get your daily dose of good news! If you need even more constant good vibes, follow their Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!

A new campaign in New Zealand wants people all over the world to share their 2020 regrets and upsets online — and then turn their situation around by donating a native tree. The trees will eventually form a “Forest of Hope." — Good Good Good (@goodgoodgood) December 30, 2020

Some Positive Social Media Accounts

If you enjoy scrolling through good and positive news on Instagram, check out GoodNews_Movement, TanksGoodNews, Sunny_Side_News, The_Happy_Broadcast, and SomeGoodNews. It’s always nice to spread the good news around.

. @coralcrf 's Science Team has been applying medicine to diseased corals one by one in an effort to help save the coral reefs and we love to see it! #SomeGoodNews 🌊 — Some Good News (@somegoodnews) January 12, 2021

Uplifting News Subreddit

Reddit ain’t the most positive place to look for news, but here’s a super uplifting subreddit solely dedicated to the spread of good news! Although, if you’re a dog person, you’ll enjoy this cute subreddit that we absolutely love!

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