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Some People Put On Deodorant Before Bed, But Should They?

I was just as shocked as the next person when I found out that some people actually put on deodorant right before going to bed at night, especially since the idea of bedtime is supposed to be comfy, so why would you want to roll or spray something sticky onto your underarms?

But like Riverdale star Camila Mendes, a lot of people seem to have this habit of putting on deodorant to bed, so let’s get into it to find out if this practice is actually helpful or harmful to your body.

While there are some who believe that deodorant should be used at night to allow it to clog the sweat ducts under our arms, Dr Julia Tzu, founder and Medical Director of New York’s Wall Street Dermatology says it’s not necessary at all.

“Perspiration levels are not as high compared to daytime and usually the ‘deodorizing’ is most important during the daytime. While using it occasionally at bedtime is not harmful, use of deodorants around the clock may be an additional source of unnecessary irritation to the skin,” says Tzu.

Credits: Eucerin

Similarly, Dr. Alan M. Dattner of New York’s Holistic Dermatology adds that deodorant that contains aluminum may be potentially harmful, especially when it’s absorbed into your skin on a daily basis.

“Deodorants usually refer to a combination of antiperspirant and odor reducer. Antiperspirants coagulate proteins in the sweat ducts, so there is no reason to apply this at night. In fact, they should be used as infrequently as possible,” says Dattner.

Applying deodorant at night may be more effective because your sweat glands are less active at night, so the products can be absorbed into dry skin more easily. But with that said, you can always just put on deodorant when your skin is dry, it doesn’t necessarily have to be at nighttime.

The most important tip is to ensure your skin is always clean and dry when applying deodorant, so avoid putting on deodorant when your skin is wet, especially when you’re sweating as this may result in cross contamination of the deodorant itself.


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