• Jonathan Shiek

Some Indonesians Are Buying Fake Covid Positive Results To Get Off Work

We’ve heard of many stories where people came up with all sorts of excuses to skip work, and while they’re all bad, nothing truly takes the cake like what’s happening in Indonesia right now as people are literally buying fake positive Covid-19 test results in exchange for a few days off work.

The incident is becoming a trend among employees in Jakarta who managed to buy the forged documents from illegal sellers on various social media platforms. For just IDR170,000 (RM49), you can get your hands on a fake positive test result, or even a negative one if you don’t wish to overexaggerate the situation.

“Usually those who ask for positive swab results are people who don’t want to work. It could be because they don’t want to work in the office, and so having a positive COVID-19 test result would excuse them from their duties,” said Jakarta Metro Police spokesperson Yusri Yunus.

Four people have since been arrested for selling these forged results and they might face up to six years in prison if found guilty. Meanwhile, it’s unsure what kind of punishment the buyers will face with the law, but they’re probably going to get in a lot of trouble at work, if they still have a job after this.


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