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Snapchat’s New Game Teaches Kids How To Invest

We may just be seeing a whole new generation of “finance guys” who are as young as 12 years old, because social media app Snapchat is adding a new trading game called StockStars to its financial education-focused Mini apps platform.

In case you missed it, Snap Minis are lightweight, simplified version of apps that Snapchat introduced to its chat section last July to enable users to access different tasks without leaving the app.

As the latest addition to Snap Minis, StockStars allows users to invest US$1 million worth of fake money in a virtual portfolio that mimics the real-life situation of the stock market. Users will be able to buy and sell stocks, trade currency like Bitcoin, and even compete with friends to find out who can make the most money out of trading.

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And don’t worry if you don’t know much about trading because StockStars comes equipped with educational resources to teach users the fundamentals of trading and stock market, as well as provide background info for different companies.

Made by trading and education platform Invstr, StockStars is aimed at Snapchat’s teen audience to give them some basic exposure to the stock market.

All you need to do to access StockStars is by simply going through your chat section on Snapchat, and search for StockStars or scroll through the “Games and Minis” section of the search page to find the game. Happy trading!


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