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SM Entertainment Hosts Reality-TV Contest ‘K-Pop Goes Hollywood’ To Pick New Member For

South Korean entertainment company SM Entertainment is now turning to America to find a new member for its next big boyband, NCT Hollywood. And unlike the past where group members are usually scouted on the streets, this time, the record label will be launching a reality TV competition series called ‘K-pop Goes Hollywood’ to select a winner to join the band.

A collaboration between SM Entertainment and American media company MGM Television, the series will feature 21 contestants, where only one lucky winner will be chosen to join NCT. Contestants will be selected in the United States before they’re flown to South Korea to undergo rigorous training to become a K-pop idol.

Credits: SM Entertainment

Although the audition is held in Hollywood, it’s said that anyone between the ages of 13 and 25 in the world can apply for the global audition. However, the label bosses also revealed that they’re looking for an “all American guy” to join NCT, so it’ll be interesting to see how the new group will be a unique mix of East and West.

For those who don’t know, NCT is a 23-member music group that’s divided into multiple sub-units like NCT Dream, NCT 127 and WayV. Following the series, NCT Hollywood is said to be the fourth official subgroup under NCT.

Fans of the group can also expect to see fellow NCT members appearing on ‘K-pop Goes Hollywood’, so make sure to tune in to the series when it premieres!


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