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SM Entertainment Employee Suspended For Secretly Crediting His Wife As EXO’s Lyricist

There are men who are loyal to their spouses and then there’s this man in Korea who went above and beyond to credit his wife, even where credit isn’t due at all. The man, who works at SM Entertainment has recently been caught adding his wife’s name as a lyricist on several songs by the company’s artists.

According to Koreaboo, the man was actually the former head of SM Entertainment’s A&R (artists and repertoire) department, where part of his job was to oversee production of the song, which includes collecting lyrics from lyricists and compiling the credits.

And due to his high position at work, the man was able to abuse his power and secretly credit his wife’s name as a lyricist to various songs, all so he could collect royalties that weren’t his.

The man even managed to get away with adding his wife’s name to a total of 15 songs, some of which were by  EXO, EXO-CBX, Baekhyun, and BoA.

Although the man tried to use different false names to cover his tracks, his crime was still discovered and he is now facing the music at work.


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