• Jonathan Shiek

Slack To Introduce New Features For Voice Messages And Drop-In Audio Chat

Slack is set to roll out exciting new audio features to establish itself as more than a text-based messaging platform and enables it to compete with other chat and collaboration apps.

Among these features include an audio messaging function that allows users to record and send voice messages to one another. The feature will be similar to the ones on Telegram and WhatsApp and is said to be in beta testing already.

Another addition is the Clubhouse-like drop-in conversation room feature that enables Slack users to join different audio chat rooms without having to schedule a meeting or make a call just to have a conversation.

Slack’s CEO Stewart Butterfield also revealed that they might be considering a video messaging feature similar to the “stories” we’ve seen from Instagram and Snapchat. While it’s believed that this feature is already in development, it’s unknown how it will tie in with Slack’s workplace-themed approach.


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