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Skincare 101 For Hot And Humid Weather

One of the few challenges of living in Malaysia is getting used to this hot and humid climate that makes it almost impossible to go out with a full look of makeup without sweating it off. In fact, the heat and humidity can also be bad for your skin, causing breakouts and what not.

But no worries, because here are some tips to help keep your skin cool this summer everyday in Malaysia.

1. Keep it cool

Naturally, the one thing you want to do after a long, sweaty day out is to wash your face, but be careful not to over-cleanse your skin as this may strip your skin off its natural oils and moisture. Instead, use a cooling facial mist that’s jam-packed with ingredients that will help to hydrate your skin rather than draw the moisture out of your skin.

2. Keep everything cool

More people are investing in a beauty fridge now which is basically a mini fridge to keep your beauty products but if you’re not looking to spend a fortune, you can simply store your skincare products in the regular fridge you have at home. You can do this with a sheet mask or jade roller to get a cooling and invigorating sensation on your skin when you apply them.

But do note that not every product can be kept in the fridge because wax and oil-based products will solidify in the fridge, so this tip will only work on water-based skincare products.

3. Throw on a sheet mask

There’s nothing better than to put on a nice, chilled sheet mask after a cool shower on a hot day. In fact, you don’t even need to use a store-bought sheet mask to achieve this because you can always DIY your own sheet mask by soaking a piece of undyed muslin cloth in rice water to let it absorb all the antioxidant properties, squeeze out the excess liquid and place it over your face.

4. Try some skin-calming ingredients

There are some ingredients out there that are great in protecting your skin against the Malaysian weather, one of which is aloe vera gel, Not only is it rich in water content and vitamins, aloe vera gel also has cooling properties that can help to soothe your skin from sunburns.

Ingredients like colloidal oatmeal and chamomile are also known to reduce inflammation while liquorice root has natural antimicrobial properties, which is known to treat skin conditions like eczema and acne, which can be easily aggravated by the heat and humidity.


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