• Jonathan Shiek

Single People Can Now Get Editing Services To Avoid Questions From Relatives During Raya

I’m sure all of us went through the “Where’s you girlfriend/ boyfriend?” phase from our relatives. With Raya just around the corner, you’re going to have to endure more questions about ‘getting married’ or if you ‘already have a significant other’. Not to worry, Facebook user, Engku Din is providing editing services for single people during the holidays!

In his Facebook post, he advertised:

“Are you having a headache in regards of how you’re going to answer your relatives who won’t stop asking you when you will be getting married? Are you tired thinking of your lone-single self especially with Raya on the way? Well, I can help you edit your pictures with a partner, no worries!”

Some of the requests were hilarious, asking to be edited with Malaysian actress, Intan Najuwa or Aaron Aziz and his wife.

Credit: Engku Din Facebook

Who would you want to be edited in a photo with?


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