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Singapore’s Signature By KOI Releases Alcoholic Beverages Including A Whiskey Boba Tea

Starting July, Signature by KOI in Singapore will be launching 2 new alcoholic beverages which is the VSOP Chocolate and Whiskey Oriented Beauty. Clearly, the KOI alcohol series won’t be released in Malaysia. However, we did report that those who are fully vaccinated may soon be able to travel down to Singapore by using MySejahtera as our vaccination passport.

Currently in their alcohol series is the Bailey’s Earl Grey Milk Tea, Rum and Raisin Earl Grey Milk Tea, and VSOP Ruby. Since these are alcoholic beverages, they will only be sold to customers above 18-years-old. Let’s talk about the new additions to the KOI alcohol series:

Credit: Mothership SG

VSOP Chocolate (S$10.60)

Apparently, the chocolate alcohol beverage is a mixture of chocolate milk and Brandy VSOP. It is topped with chocolate ice cream and biscuits while you can add toppings like boba, mini bubbles, konjac pearls, and coconut jelly to the drink! Don’t worry, you won’t get drunk of this chocolatey goodness, as it only contains 2% of alcoholic content.

But if you’re feeling adventurous, you can add shots of Brandy VSOP to your existing VSOP Chocolate for S$3!

Credit: Mothership SG

Whiskey Oriental Beauty (S$14.90)

If you enjoy yourself a cup of malty but sweet type of drink, you should grab yourself a Whiskey Oriental Beauty. The beverage of Oriental Beauty Tea is infused with some whiskey, said to have hints of wild honey, rose, blackberry, and melon flavour to it. Unlike the previous drink, it doesn’t come with any toppings.

Similarly, if you’d like to amp up your drink by adding an extra shot of whiskey, it will also cost $3.

Which of these 2 is calling out for you?


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