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Singapore Museum Wants Women To Submit Photos Of Their Butt For A Social Art Project

All my ladies listen up! If you’re proud of your derrière and you’re looking for some place to flaunt it, then why not submit your photos to the Singapore Art Museum? Don’t worry, this isn’t a scam to get ahold of your nudes, it is a legitimate social art project conducted by Singaporean contemporary artist Amanda Heng.

The project, titled Singirl Online Project is an ongoing art experiment that aims to challenge one of the country’s popular social norms – the modest Singaporean girl. This is in line with Heng’s style of work that typically defy stereotypes and challenge viewers to question about popular social and cultural conventions.

The Singapore Art Museum recently took to Facebook to call for “women of all shapes and shades” to submit photos of their bum for the project. This is regarded as a way to subvert the “demure image of the Singapore Airlines stewardess”, one of which “grew to become a uniquely Singapore icon and standard for feminine identity.”

Credits: Singapore Art Museum (Facebook)

Heng, a former civil-servant turned artist, hopes that the Singirl Online Project can help women to realise their individuality and importance in society because pop culture is known to enforce “feminine ideals that cater to the male gaze.”

Those who are interested to participate in this social art project will get to have their photos taken at a booth located at the National Gallery, where the individual’s privacy is 100% secured. The photos will then be compiled by Heng, and displayed at the Wikicliki: Collecting Habits on an Earth Filled With Smarthphones exhibit taking place from now until July 11, 2021.


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