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Shopee User Sells 'Virtual Slaps' For RM0.37, Receives Over 210 Orders From Malaysians

Credits: World Of Buzz

What do you do when you're annoyed at a friend, but don't feel like confronting them personally? Well, here's a passive-aggressive way to deal with your moment of frustration (not that we're condoning it), but why not buy a "virtual slap" on Shopee and send it to your friend who deserves it. Yes, that's apparently a thing now.

A merchant on Shopee has uploaded two photos of their palm and marketed them as a virtual slaps that sell for RM0.37 to RM0.47. Depending on the product they choose, users can have the seller send a "Regular slap" as a photo on WhatsApp to their choice of recipient, or a better quality "HD slap" that is sent as a document file to surprise the recipient.

Credits: World Of Buzz

However, the most surprising part is how popular this product has gotten among Malaysians. Since their business started, the seller has received over 210 orders from customers, half of whom have rated them 5 stars for the excellent service!

In fact, more sellers are now offering the same product on Shopee, though the prices for a slap may range up to RM5.00. But yeah, if you're looking to send a warning message to a friend who's been annoying you lately (again, not that we're condoning it), do look up virtual slaps on Shopee and help to support small businesses, I guess.


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