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Shopee May Be Removing Courier Options Starting From 17 June 2021

According to Amanz, Shopee will be halting its option for users to pick their preferred courier service at the checkout menu. This announcement was released to Shopee merchants to inform them of the upcoming change that will be taking place on 17 June 2021.


I know you’re also wondering what are the rates going to be like for shipping now, Shopee mentioned that the platform will be choosing the “best” courier option and rate for shipping. This move will apparently help merchants optimise their deliveries and reduce the risk of late shipments. On top of that, the company also promoted its own delivery service, Shopee Express, to sellers in the memo as an option to save more on shipping costs.


As a buyer, the upcoming change will be reflected in the checkout menu. Instead of having choices of courier services, customers will be offered with 3 different options which depends on the merchant or product’s location. The options will include “Standard Delivery”, “Economy Delivery”, and “Other”.

Courier services that will be included in “Standard Delivery” are PosLaju, DHL, J&T Express, Ninja Van, City Link,, and Shopee Express. The other 2 options will involve sea shipping and other logistics providers respectively.


It’s kind of clear that shoppers will be slightly bugged by Shopee’s decision to do away with courier options, as you’d usually opt for the same courier service due to their reliability and speed. That said, this move will be easier for Shopee to push for their more affordable Shopee Express.

What do you think about this new change announced by Shopee?


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