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Shop And Live Sustainably With Watsons’ Going Natural Campaign

With the pandemic forcing the whole world into lockdown last year, many of us had plenty of time to think about and realise the importance of sustainable living. Although the idea of living sustainably may sound difficult to tackle at times, it can be as easy as making the right lifestyle choices.

That’s exactly what Watsons Malaysia hopes to introduce with their Going Natural campaign that aims to raise awareness on sustainable and natural choices that its members and customers can choose to embark on a new lifestyle.

For starters, Watsons stores and its online platform will be featuring a list of curated products that are sustainably made with quality natural ingredients that are good for our health as well as the environment.

Credits: Watsons

On top of that, Watsons is also introducing greener packaging and refill packs in their products to reduce our consumption of single-use packaging, which in turn helps to reduce our impact on climate change.

Credits: Watsons

“We are launching this initiative to our members and customers to introduce that sustainable living is the way to go. With green products and healthier choices in mind, we hope to share with our consumers further on the importance of sustaining a lifestyle that benefits mankind and our planet,” said Caryn Loh, Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia.

And to encourage its members and customers to be a part of the Watsons Going Natural Fair, Watsons Malaysia is giving out exclusive promotion so don’t miss out on that. Meanwhile, the top 20 highest spending Watsons Elite members will also be rewarded with the chance to join a virtual cooking workshop to learn some delicious and healthy recipes that are in collaboration Nutrabliss by Watsons.

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