• Jonathan Shiek

Shiseido Uno X Attack On Titan Collab Has Just Been Announced

Have you ever wondered why Levi looks 18 when he is actually supposed to be 30? Well the secret has finally been cracked!

Turns out, Levi has always been using skincare products from Shiseido Uno and it isn’t just him apparently, other characters in the popular anime-series Attack On Titan such as Eren Yeager and Reiner Braun were also reportedly using Shiseido Uno’s products. Oh and wait till you hear this… Even some Titans were seen endorsing these products.

So what is going on exactly? Well, as it turns out, Shiseido Uno, the Japanese cosmetics company’s male-beauty line has recently enlisted into the Corps for their latest skincare campaign.

The campaign comprises of four different commercials showcasing scenes from the actual anime with different dialogue dubbed in, where some the characters are conversing about how they suffer from dry skin. Which also serves as the segue into the introduction for Shiseido Uno’s new UV Perfection Gel, Cream Perfection and Vital Cream Perfection offerings.

You can see the entire campaign videos below:


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