• Jonathan Shiek

SHINee Is Back, That Is The Title

After 2 years since their 2018 comeback album, The Story of Light, SHINee made their 4 member comeback with the Don’t Call Me album which features 9 songs of various genres! The Don’t Call Me MV was released yesterday on YouTube, and we are absolutely delighted with the powerful and addicting beat to the dance track.

Credit: Genius

The track was composed by Kenzie, Dwayne ‘Dem Jointz’ Abernathy Jr., and Rodnae ‘Chikk’ Bell. The MV on YouTube has already reached 5.1 million views in a span of a day, you need to watch it:

Fans actually thought that the popular Kpop boy group was going to disband after disappearing for 2 and a half years, especially after the death of Jonghyun back in December 2017. Their 2018 album made its way through the charts but was not nearly as good as what they used to produce, so fans were pleased to see SHINee finally back with head bangers!


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