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Sensitive Skin In Hot Weather? You’ll Want Koolit On Your Kulit

For those of us with sensitive skin, finding safe and effective dermacare can be really frustrating. Our skin easily gets dry which leads to itchiness, peeling and redness. Everything about the environment can trigger a flare up especially sticky creams which worsens skin condition in hot and sweaty weather. 

So imagine finding a safe, good-ingredient dermacare that works is like finding gold! 

Early this year, we discovered a new sought-after local brand, called Koolit. Some of you may have already known, they are a natural dermacare designed for managing sensitive skin in tropical hot and humid weather! If you are part of the 4 in 10 Malaysians experiencing irritated skin, you should definitely check Koolit out. 

Here are 3 facts and reasons to try Koolit: 

  1. Enriched with Licorice Root Extract & Natural Vitamin E

For soothing, relief and brightening skin pigmentation. Licorice Root is scientifically proven to be high in anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties for managing skin irritation

  1. Rapid Absorption designed for Malaysian hot and humid climate 

The cream and lotion surprisingly does not leave your skin feeling sticky or greasy after application! It’s so moisturising and spreadable

  1. Natural made affordable

For products that include such good ingredients, it is honestly pretty affordable! Their products are generally between RM35 – RM50 which is super reasonable and effective.

For those of you who are still wondering… “What is Koolit??” Here are the homegrown heroes!

Koolit Calming Cream

If you experience sensitive dry, cracked, or peeling skin then Koolit’s Calming Cream for deep and lasting moisturisation is a must! The licorice root extract also helps soothe redness, skin flares, and naturally lighten skin marks over time. 


  1. Soothing aid for irritated, dry, and very dry skin

  2. 40x antioxidant neutralises free radical and oxidative damage

  3. Contains olive oil for skin softness in addition to licorice and natural Vitamin E

  4. Fragrance, steroid, and paraben free. Gentle on baby

Koolit Soothing Lotion

Lotions can get a little greasy sometimes, but you won’t need to worry about that when you’re using this particular product as they boast that it is non-greasy and non-sticky! If you prefer something of a lighter texture to use during the day, you can try the soothing lotion for quick relief and re-moisturisation! It’s suitable for normal to dry skin and is popular for it’s 10 Second Rapid Absorption to swiftly hydrate and leave your skin feeling fresh.


  1. Soothes skin dryness, itchiness, and irritation

  2. 40x antioxidant neutralises free radical and oxidative damage

  3. Contains Jojoba Seed Oil in addition to licorice and natural vitamin E

  4. Fragrance, steroid, and paraben free. Gentle on baby

Koolit Gentle Body Wash

A daily essential for all, this wash is suitable for all skin types and is usable from face to toe.

It gently cleanses without stripping skin of its natural oils and the best part is… you can use it with OR without water! Surprise! Just wipe away with a soft or damp cloth after spreading, making it suitable for anyone with ultra sensitive skin who experience pain when skin comes into contact with water. 


  1. Cleanses all skin types. Hydrates while you clean

  2. Rinse free – use with or without water

  3. Contains licorice, natural vitamin E and Vitamin C

  4. Paraben free. Gentle on baby

If you’d like to purchase or know more about their sensitive skin care products, head on over to their official Koolit website . Psst… they’re actually giving FREE SHIPPING for a limited time! We’ve partnered with them to give you 15% Off Storewide on their website with promo code STARTKOOLIT. If you’d like to purchase their products, they are also available at Watsons, Multicare, AA, and pharmacies near you!

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