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Screenshots Of Online Classes Is The “New Norm” For School Magazine Class Pictures

The days of attending school and classes are still way beyond us because of the ongoing pandemic. But students are still trying to make the best out of their schooling days by commemorating online classes with screenshots and adding them into the school magazine. Sadly, that is the best you can do for now.

Twitter user, @ninomelet_ shared pictures of the unique school magazine with a caption “This is what my school magazine looks like”. But fortunately the students managed to capture a couple of class photos before Covid-19, “This picture was taken during some of the events that were organised. We do still have class photos which were taken before Covid-19, so not all pages will look like this.”

MAJALAH SEKOLAH AKU HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH — honey 🍯 (@ninomelet_) August 5, 2021

Many were confused why some of the student didn’t switch on their webcams for the screenshot, but it was explained as: “If you were wondering why many opted to not open their webcams, it was down to the fact that we rarely do it unless on special occasions. We didn’t even know that they took a screenshot, or else we would have turned our cameras on.”

Even though we are all struggling in this pandemic right now, it’s great to see people trying to turn it around by doing something creative and unique. What does your school magazine look like?


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