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Scientists Have Managed To Develop Mini Brains In The Lab, And They Now Have Eyes

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Have you ever encountered something baffling that you’re left wondering if there’s a way to grow brains on behalf of someone else? Well apparently, there is! Scientists have been working on mini lab-grown brains for a while now, but they’re more shocked to find the mini brains growing eye structures on their own!

The tiny brains, also known as “brain organoids” were grown in dishes and made by harvesting adult human stem cells that can morph into various types of tissue. The scientists then “coaxed” the cells into creating brain tissue, which enabled the nurtured baby brains to form sensory structures at around 30 days into the process.

But scientists soon discovered the organoids were growing two “symmetrical optic cups” which seemed to mirror the development of eyes on human embryos. What’s even scarier is these eyes were somewhat functional with the ability to respond to light by sending signals to the lab-grown brain!

Although this whole thing sounds absolutely terrifying, the researchers are actually glad with their development, which they hope would be able to help with the understanding of the processes of eye differentiation, and in the treatment of eye diseases.

Our work highlights the remarkable ability of brain organoids to generate primitive sensory structures that are light sensitive and harbor cell types similar to those found in the body,” said neuroscientist Jay Gopalakrishnan of University Hospital Düsseldorf in Germany.

What are your thoughts about this slightly terrifying, but also super cool scientific breakthrough?


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